Training and Technical Assistance

The focus of INJ’s training workshops and seminars is on identifying and strengthening the capacity of victim services organizations in Indian Country.  Our training is designed from the concept that services to victims of crime are only as strong and sustainable as the service provider team.  The Institute for Native Justice E-Learning Center combined with in-person training and technical assistance provides a multi-level approach to education services.  If you would like more information, please use our online request form.

Workshops We Currently Offer:

Featured Workshops

Community Readiness Model
Incorporating Culture and Tradition in Tribal Courts
Understanding Victim Advocacy
Victim Advocacy in Tribal Courts
Tribal Court Safety
Criminal Jurisdiction
Tribal Law and Order Act

Program Capacity Building

Strategic Planning
Personnel and Program Operations
Volunteer Outreach

Tribal Courts

A Judicial Response to Elder Abuse
Building Multi-Disciplinary Response Teams and Relationships to Courts
Cultural Considerations in Tribal Court Systems
Effective Response by Tribal Courts for People with Disabilities
Judicial Strategies for Addressing Domestic Violence
Jurisdictional Issues in Indian Country

Victim Centered Services

Active Listening for Tribal Victim Advocates
Advocacy for Homicide Survivors and Building a Homicide Response Team
Building Skills for Tribal Victim Advocates
Cultural Competency for Victim Advocates
Developing Homicide Response Teams for Rural/Tribal Jurisdictions
Ethics for Victim Services Providers
Law Enforcement and Advocates Working Together
Outreach for Tribal Victim Programs
Safety Planning Skills with Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence
Tribal Jurisdictional Challenges for Victim Advocates and Law Enforcement
Victim Safety in the Court System

Program Management

Building Sustainability into Operations
Community Collaborative Teams
Program Management: Hiring and Firing
Recruiting, Training, and Managing Volunteers
Team Building

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement and Advocates Working Together
Evidence Based Report Writing for Law Enforcement